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27th April 2012 Daily Affirmation ♥

April 27, 2012

I don’t believe in luck, what most people see as luck, I call blessings. Blessings don’t just float around waiting for someone to catch them; they already exist, waiting for you to be ready to receive them. Everyone is blessed, it all depends on if they believe it or not. How often have you felt disappointed by not receiving something because you felt it was your right to receive it? I know many people who have been in that position, myself included.  It even easy to assume that some people are “more blessed” than you are because they seem to have everything they want.

I will give a scenario of how I have received most of the things I have wanted. I positioned myself. And not only did I position myself through my actions, it started first being positioned spiritually; knowing my rightful place with God. Once you know that, you won’t have a problem speaking it out and living it. I don’t mind waking up at 4am to do some extra work, or making sure that I am the first person at a lecture or conference so that I can sit right at the front. As a matter of fact, I have gone to many vents where I had bought a ticket and helped them set up because I was so early. Sometimes you have to do the things that nobody else will do so that you can do what you want to do.

When you start shifting your attitude from “ME”, to “OTHERS”, you are positioned for a blessing. Most people are not even available for their own blessings because they’re in bed, moping and complaining. The minute you decide to quit complaining and do what you have to do, ensuring that you are there to serve, your blessings will come in so handy, in order to bless others too. Do you get that? Remember that you are blessed to be a blessing, so you have to be positioned to receive those blessings in the first place, by being God & people centered and always doing the right thing. You can’t expect God to give you something that you want if you have the wrong attitude towards what its purpose is.

Think the right thoughts, say the right things, be available when you don’t have to be, and sooner or later your blessings will not only show up, they will overtake you, and each day you walk into a new one because you are available and positioned for them. All you have to do is start by affirming yourself that “I am ALWAYS POSITIONED for a BLESSING”. Be in the right frame of heart, mind and attitude by praying and changing the way you think, and make yourself available to bless others. Here’s to a new day! Enjoy Your Beautiful Day.

♥ Lepang

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